These stylish scrunchies are 100% cotton unless described as satin. Scrunchies come in three ranging sizes and prices. You can choose size tiny, average, and giant! The tiny size ($8), is ideal for a smaller ponytail, braid, or thinner hair. The average size ($10), is closest to classic scrunchies often bought in packs. The giant size ($12), is a exaggerated scrunchie meant for 4tmrw’s most extra customers! The giant size was created to resemble the best of hair bows from Carmela’s 90’s/2000’s childhood. 

Each scrunchie is designed to fit comfortably on the wrist, and wrap around at least twice in a ponytail. Designed and made in the USA, materials sourced by primarily small local businesses.

Stylish Scrunchies

  • Return policy:  For the safety of our customers we do not accept returns.

    Shipping / Processing terms and conditions: Items are made to order and can take up to four weeks to process . Email directly to if there’s any other issues/questions. 

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