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Hi Friends! My name is Carmela and I’ve been sewing and styling since I was 14 years old. I currently work out of my studio in Philly, the city I was born and raised in. I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2019 with a BA in apparel design and entrepreneurship. 


When the pandemic began, like many, I was laid off. Searching for a next step, with my newly found free time, along with my desire to find ways to help keep people safe, I started sewing and advertising masks, and haven’t stopped since. I currently handle every aspect of my business from mask orders and production, to shipping, to creating fun posts for social media marketing! I am passionate about reusable masks not only because they help us protect each other, but also because disposable masks are not sustainable for the earth long term.


Wearing a mask is an indication of empathy and selflessness, and with the looks of it, they’ll be needed for a while, so why not be fashionable and comfortable while wearing yours! 

I am a black, queer, woman owned small business and I make an effort to source from other  small, locally run businesses for my supplies to further my efforts to run my business sustainably and ethically.


Beyond masks, shirts, and accessories, I offer freelance graphic design, styling, custom fashions and more! Check out my portfolio to see my full array of work from the last six years, or message me through the contact form to learn more about my services! I truly appreciate all support and growth I’ve continued to see, and put love into every item I make, so thank you for stopping by to visit! 

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